Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Out of the Dust of Dreams......

Yet another morning has broken.....
....the dawn of another new day....

Today I woke up unusually early...6'O clock is not a time which I usually see in my day-to- day life. May be that’s why I felt today's morning extremely beautiful....

…..the golden sunshine washing the mellowed brick walls. …
…..the light breeze playing naughty games with my ever unkempt hair….
…...the cacophony of a million birds…..

Strangely, I felt my hostel room balcony the best place in the world.

Don’t know why…..I got reminded of a poem which mom used to recite to me when I was a kid.....

"Out of the dust of dreams

Fairies weave their garments.

Out of the purple and rose of old memories

They make rainbow wings.

No wonder we find them such marvelous things!"

Times have changed....so have I. From that naughty kid who could hardly remember the spelling of 'Two" to a post graduate student lost among hard bound volumes screaming concepts of ecological sustainability and rolls of deceptively colored butter sheets scribbled with McHargian Analysis (Phew, God save this world ! ).

Despite the number of years which have faded into the pages of oblivion...I still find myself searching for those good old days...days when ‘tasks’ meant meticulously shooing away the crows from the kitchen yard, ‘music’ meant the clamor of my Xylophone, ‘Discovery’ meant opening mom's wardrobe to fish out a necklace, ‘Best friend’ meant the milk man who cycles down twice a day, ‘Life's greatest challenge’ meant sneaking on to the terrace evading the watchful eyes around….

Don’t know why am I on a nostalgic drive today?

May be somewhere behind those verdant boughs, a fairy must be weaving and singing away to glory

'Out of the purple and rose of old memories…..”


Sorabh Raina said...

beautiful is the word

i lie the way u descrided
ur hair

ur discovery
ur best friend
ur greatest challenge

sonal said...

i also like naughty wind in hair... naughty hair only it is.
and mornings are best time boy! but never as nice as when u wake early after a loong time..naa?

Devesh said...

"Good Morning"!!!! Indeed.

Devesh said...

Hi Sandeep! Thanks,
Call me Devesh. I am priviliged to be in the company of great Architects, Humanbeings and friends.

Anonymous said...


Really nice blog.Really loved it.Carry on the good work.Btw I am your bro's friend Anoop.We have met once.

Anoop Menon